Pancakes Week @ Ramada Encore


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Pancakes Week @ Ramada Encore

 - 07.03.2016
Pancakes Week @ Ramada Encore

Pancakes Week at DK Restaurant from March 7 till March 13.

Don't miss your chance to taste Encore pancakes at DK Restaurant this week.
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Rituals and customs during the Pancake week (Maslenitsa). 

Maslenitsa (or Pancake Week) is an Eastern Slavic religious and folk holiday, celebrated during the last week before Great Lent, that is. eighth week before Eastern Orthodox Pascha (Easter). During the Pancake week, meat is already forbidden to Orthodox Christians, and it is the last week during which eggs, milk, cheese and other dairy products are permitted, leading to its name of "Cheese-fare week" or "Crepe week". The most characteristic food of Maslenitsa is bliny – thin pancakes or crepes, made from the rich food still allowed by the Orthodox tradition that week: butter, eggs and milk. During pagan times, the round shape and golden color signified praise to the Sun because of pancakes resemblance to it.

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